Best things happen to the ones who wait

Life is critically describes as a up and own ride through the terrains of wait is know as the system.The system is the usual way of going to primary school preparing for you secondary education graduate from university start working and paying taxes to the government.

Well, opportunity is what separate us humans.well heres a story I’ve encountered a woman who worked in a market I one of the rural village in kenya.She had three kids the age gap between her kids was 3 years each.They needs were kinda heavy to the mother to provide.She had to wake up early in the morning to sell her yams in order to get some money for her kids school fees.

This business lasted them for nine years by then she had one customer who’s always bought yams for 100 ksh daily.His name was maina and he was always concerned with how the woman get to take her kids to school and fee them because the amount of money Catherine collected was so one day maina asks Catherine how do you get to provide for her family?  She answers only God knows

Well , maina saw the answer to be rude. He expected a nice help seeking answer from her but it was so cold. Maina was so shocked.she kept her praying to God that she gets the best work that she would get a job that would provide her with all she needed. One whole month her main customer never bought yams from Catherine she almost gave up and wanted to close her work and dup her kids and get married to a rich man even at her old age.When she decided that she’s finally decide to go sell her grocery  stall she meet maina.This time maina came not to buy yam but he had a deal opened a grocery mall for Catherine which he did it out of good will .Because of the services and the prayers Catherine had been praying her dreams were fullfIlled and patents pays.